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Completely leave your website marketing to the SEO experts

✓ Continually improve their organic rankings, drive traffic and sales
✓ Beat your competitors
✓ Panic-free, hassle-free digital marketing

Website takeover services

To avoid the hassle of recruiting and managing a digital marketing team inhouse, some clients prefer to hand over the responsibility of SEO, either for their entire website or a section of it, to us.

After an SEO audit and agreeing on a 12-month strategy with quarterly reviews to grow the organisation’s online presence, our team takes on the tasks that any inhouse team would do. These activities usually include creative and content creation, continuously optimising existing pages, running link building and digital PR campaigns, increasing page speed, providing SEO support with any development updates, conducting search competitor analysis, monitoring rankings, traffic and leads on a daily basis, and reporting monthly on deliverables, performance and future ideas and tactics.

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