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A new website should be exciting, not devastating

✓ Avoid losing traffic and rankings
✓ Panic-free migration process
✓ Get independent, expert advice to make informed decisions

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Whether you are looking to consolidate multiple websites into one, move to a new CMS (content management system), implement HTTPS or change domain completely, this process must be overseen by someone with thorough SEO and website migration experience. Why? Just ask anybody that has been involved in a site migration that has gone wrong.

A poorly executed migration has the potential to be catastrophic on rankings, traffic and revenue. However, if done right, it doesn’t have to impact your site’s performance at all – giving your new website the best possible start.

To avoid any nasty surprises, our team usually gets involved from the very beginning to build a migration strategy. Working alongside your marketing team and developers, this process involves ensuring every part of the migration is covered, such as running an audit on the existing website and rankings to use as a benchmark of success once the migration has happened and mapping out a comprehensive redirect plan so search engines and users end up in the correct destinations. Post-migration, we’ll offer support to deal with any issues there and then, ensuring a smooth transition.

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