Content services:

Targeted Keyword Research

Understand how potential customers search to create an effective SEO strategy

✓ Improve existing rankings and rank for more terms
✓ Content created for humans, not just search engines
✓ Increase traffic, leads and sales organically

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Target the keywords that are actually relevant to humans and search engines

Keyword research is the discovery process to understand search behaviour throughout the buying cycle – from very broad exploratory terms to highly targeted commercial terms. We group keywords into concepts and themes based on semantic similarity, commercial intent or through other conceptual relationships, and value these groups based on the scale and scope of the opportunity as well as the level of competition.

We typically start by looking at what keywords you already rank for, how users react to the content, and come up with ways to optimise what you’re already doing to increase relevant traffic to those pages.

Time to fill those keyword gaps

During the discovery stage, we are looking for gaps and opportunities. We’ll identify additional keywords, themes and direction. The output will guide areas like on-page and content strategy, site architecture, missing products and ways to localise content for international markets.

Think like a searcher

Most importantly, we place ourselves in the shoes of the searcher. It’s not just about generating traffic, it’s about generating the right kind of traffic – traffic that will convert into leads or sales. A common mistake is to create commercial, conversion-orientated pages for keywords with healthy search volumes. However, understanding the user’s intent, whether it’s navigational, informational, transactional, branded or unbranded, means we can attempt to correctly inform the strategy to provide the best possible search result.

You’ll get a roadmap that prioritises the keywords to target over the short, mid and long term to get the best return on investment.