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✓ Get transparent reporting to make informed decisions
✓ Avoid repeating mistakes and wasting resources
✓ Continually improve their organic rankings, drive traffic and sales

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At any one time, there will be a wide range of activities happening across your website, so we are constantly monitoring the results. This could be anything from measuring external factors, like tracking daily changes to your rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and identifying new links pointing to your website, to recording internal factors like how easily users interact, navigate and convert on your pages or simulating bot crawls across your website.

Using this information, we can do all sorts of things to improve rankings, relevant traffic and sales, such as repeat those activities that are driving the best results, identify underperforming pages that need further attention, respond to problems that potential customers are having, understand the impact of the latest Google update or a recent marketing campaign, and fix any technical issues.