Technical SEO services:

Page Speed Optimisation

Optimise for better, faster experiences

✓ Provide a better, faster user experience
✓ Boost organic rankings and relevant traffic
✓ Increase revenue

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Faster loading times make for experience humans and search engines love

Speeding up websites is important – not only do faster desktop and mobile experiences create happy users, but your site’s speed directly impacts rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Small changes equals big results

Small technical changes can often produce big results. We’ll be able to identify what’s slowing your website down and ways to make it faster and more mobile-friendly, from compressing images or serving them in next-gen formats like WebP to reducing server response times by using a faster host and a CDN (content delivery network). A popular CMS (content management system) like WordPress can be reconfigured and cleaned up to reduce load times of files, themes and plugins.

Optimise for better user experiences, not scores

When it comes to site speed, we don’t obsess over scores in tools like PingdomGTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights just for the sake of having a higher score. Instead, our goal is to improve what really matters – your site’s overall performance and how fast it loads for users.

With site speed, it isn’t a case of thinking that when a website has been optimised, it’s been optimised for good as the web and technology are always evolving. So, once we’ve optimised the website, we’ll continue to monitor the performance where ideally ongoing optimisation will be the new norm.