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Mobile-first SEO

Embrace the mobile search ecosystem

✓ Connect with local customers
✓ Provide a better, faster user experience
✓ Improve how search engines discover, access and understand your website

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Create a mobile-friendly experience that humans and search engines love

When it comes to SEO, thinking mobile-first is essential. Not only has Google moved to mobile-first indexing, but for most industries, mobile search is now the most popular way for people to browse the web, discover sites and consume content.

Mobile is a more complex and diverse medium than desktop. It offers a richer experience, where it can respond, suggest, predict and fulfil search queries in a way that a desktop simply cannot. On top of explicit signals like a user’s search query, mobile takes advantage of implicit signals, such as where they are and what’s nearby, to deliver more meaningful results.

Continuously improve your mobile performance

Most websites are designed on a desktop or laptop. However, with mobile-first indexing, Googlebot is accessing, crawling and indexing your website based on mobile, therefore always improving the mobile browser performance, mobile site speed and the mobile experience, on top of all the SEO basics, is crucial.

We can help you go from just serving a mobile-friendly version of your website to developing a multi-channel search strategy that works for your brand and respects both desktop and mobile as valuable, different sources of traffic and leads.