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12 amazing London SEO conferences all digital marketers should know about

London SEO Conferences for 2023

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Want to keep your team’s SEO knowledge up-to-date and power up their skill set? There’s a London conference for that.

Seriously – working in SEO can mean you always have a lot of new things to think about. Suddenly you have a fast-paced industry whose growth and development you want to continuously monitor.

You want to read the latest insights from across the web and social media, make the most of the ever-expanding SEO tools available, as well as new developments and updates to the tools you are already paying for, and maybe even get some advice on how to deal with Google update-related traffic fluctuations (and yes, especially when the end results don’t appear to reflect their advice).

Oh, then there’s the whole thing about actually working on your website, from coming up with a compelling content strategy that is also successful to continually striving to improve site speed and user experience and solving technical problems as soon as they occur. As we said, that’s a lot to think about.

If like us, you do SEO in London, there are thankfully conferences across the city for just about every SEO-related need you might have. Here we’ve listed our favourite recommendations:

1. The Best Conference for Inspiration: Festival of Marketing

£995-£1,245 (+VAT) for a festival pass

The Festival of Marketing is a huge two-day experience dedicated to brand marketers and designed to bring together inspiration and practical application. This global event is usually host to around 100 exhibitors, tons of insightful speakers and expert headliners all providing their own ideas and solutions to a large range of marketing topics.

When? Festival of Marketing is taking place at The Brewery, London 6 October 2022.

2. The Best Agency-Led Conference: LondonSEO XL

£149 for an early bird ticket and £199 for a standard ticket

Hosted by Blue Array, LondonSEO XL is a one-day event packed with talks and discussions from industry leaders and high-profile speakers from the SEO industry. We have yet to attend this conference, but with its unmissable lineup of headliners like Google Developer Martin Splitt, Lily Ray, a New York-based Senior Director of SEO, and Aleyda Solis, we just had to include it.

Previous speakers include Aleyda Solis, Martin Splitt and Lily Ray.

When? TBC.

3. The Best Conference for Innovative Strategies: The Disruptive Marketing Summit

£149 for a Super Early Bird ticket

The Disruptive Marketing Summit is a one-day event designed to move away from traditional marketing methods and encourage disruptive strategies to see results. Discover what works and what doesn’t in the future of marketing from the brightest minds in the industry with topics like digital marketing, data-driven decision making, customer experience, customer journey and more.

Previous speakers include heads of digital marketing for brands like JustGiving, MailOnline, Mumsnet, Chelsea Football Club and TimeOut.

When? 12 May 2022.

4. The Best Conference Unlike Other Conferences: MeasureCamp


MeasureCamp is a multiple track conference at etc.venues in Victoria aimed at analytics professionals. Here, those attending get to influence the creation of the day’s agenda. Anybody can put forward a topic, and room size is allocated based on that subject’s popularity. With Measurecamp, it’s very likely that you’ll discover useful tips from somebody that doesn’t typically do the conference circuit for something a little bit different.

When? Saturday 14th May 2022.

5. The Best Conference to Learn the Industry’s Secrets and Strategies: UnGagged London

Typically £282 for a ticket.

Discover SEO’s exclusive tactics, strategies and insights from leading experts at UnGagged London before it becomes common knowledge at this two-day SEO and digital marketing conference for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Thanks to the sessions being unrecorded and uncensored, experts are happy to reveal secrets that aren’t shared anywhere else on an extensive selection of topics including SEO, content marketing, link building, social, reputation management and CRO.

When? UnGagged London is postponed to 2023.

6. The Best Conference to Meet Well-known International SEO Superstars: SearchLove

£979.00 for a standard ticket

If you’re looking for inspiration, SearchLove is the perfect answer. This two day, single-track conference at The Brewery in Moorgate is not only thoughtfully planned out to cover all crucial aspects of SEO from broad strategy to cutting-edge tools and techniques, but it’s also comfortable and provides multiple networking opportunities, including plenty of breaks where you can network over delicious meals and snacks, not to mention their SearchLove party and industry drinks.

Previous speakers include Rand Fishkin, Aleyda Solis, Will Reynolds, Amelia Showalter, Nathalie Nahai, Mike King, Larry Kim, Justin Briggs and Will Critchlow.

When? SearchLove London will take place on 17 & 18 October 2022.

7. The Best Conference for Women: Women In Tech SEO Festival

£199 for a standard ticket, £99 for the recordings

Taking place on International Women’s Day at The Barbican CentreWomen in Tech SEO Festival is where women in SEO get to hear invaluable tips from a carefully crafted lineup of female SEO professionals featuring some of the most experienced SEOs across the industry.

When? The Women in Tech SEO Festival is on March 3rd 2023

8. The Best Conference For Diversity of Search Marketing Topics: SMX London

Usually £895

SMX London is a two day, multi-track conference curated by the editors of leading search marketing news, Search Engine Land, usually taking place at etc.venues in Bishopsgate. The conference covers almost every topic imaginable in search, such as SEO, SEM/paid advertising, social and analytics, with talks designed to be accessible to both newbies and veterans, so all will be able to take away practical and actionable tips from their sessions.

When? SMX London typically takes place midweek in May. The next event is TBC.

9. The Best Conference for Outreach: Outreach Conference

£359 for a standard ticket

Uniquely dedicated entirely to outreach, digital and online PR, Outreach Conference is a single track, one-day event with sessions on everything from mindset and creativity to innovative outreach strategies and successful case studies. Here you’ll learn actionable advice from top industry professionals to take away and use to build your own backlink profile and gain coverage from well-known websites and publications.

When? 2021’s Outreach Conference took place in June at the Congress Centre. 2022 dates are TBC.

10. The Best Conference for Catching Up with Familiar Faces: Digital Elite Day

£295 for a ticket

Digital Elite Day offers two interchangeable tracks: Search Elite for SEOs and Conversion Elite for CROs. The events are designed to bring in-house and agency practitioners together to learn and share knowledge. Previous events have included popular speakers like Stacey McNaught, Craig Sullivan and Kevin Gibbons.

When? 2021’s conference is TBC but typically happens at the end of September at the British Museum.


11: The Conference Run By Aira: MKGO

Price: £298.80

MKGO is a one-day single-track conference created and hosted by Milton Keynes-based digital marketing agency, Aira. Here you can find industry-leading speakers and in-house experts across a variety of different topics each year. Aira’s ethos is to not sell, but help and that’s why nobody (including Aira) are allowed to use MKGO as a sales tool. It’s an event to bring people together and learn from each other, nothing more.


Friday 21st October 2022 at Red Bull Racing

12: The Best Conference Not Too Far From London: BrightonSEO

£150 for an Early Bird ticket or you can enter the ballot to win a free ticket

BrightonSEO is a two-day search marketing conference that brings together SEOs from across the world to meet, network and learn. BrightonSEO is one of the most popular and respected search conferences in the UK, so well worth the hour-long trip from London.

Previous speakers include Google’s John Mueller, Jamie Indigo, etc.

When? 20 & 21 April 2023 at the Brighton Centre

With a visit to any one of these incredible events, you’ll be a step closer to keeping all your SEO and marketing knowledge up-to-date in an ever-changing industry. There’s a wide range of topics, sessions and speakers hosted across the year, so it’s easier than ever to learn new strategies and solutions all in one place from people who know, helping you reach the top of the rankings. Equally important, the conferences are also a fantastic opportunity to network with leaders and like-minded professionals.

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