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International SEO

Get your brand in front of a global audience

✓ Take a localised approach to new international markets
✓ Avoid errors and issues common with international SEO
✓ Increase traffic, leads and sales organically, worldwide

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Expand to introduce all new humans and search engines to love your website

The opportunity for growth outside your own language and country is potentially huge. However, you can’t simply translate your pages into another language and expect to rank well in a different country or for users to behave in the same way.

Every country and culture is completely unique

We need to help search engines as much as we can by sending them the right signals. Like with regular SEO, our approach is that we must deserve to rank in the new markets, taking the expansion as seriously for other languages and countries as we do for our native language and country.

Also, Google is not the only search engine to consider. Search engines like BaiduYandexNaver and Yahoo! are market leaders in some other countries, meaning a different plan will be required.

On top of this, every market has its own quirks and challenges – local languages, cultural differences, internet and user behaviours, keyword usage and meaning, and many more. This means reaching a worldwide audience is challenging and requires a well-researched, data-driven international strategy.

Always look to the future for opportunities

Often, websites aren’t designed with international expansion in mind, so to avoid issues further down the line, like duplicate content, technical errors or a site structure that won’t scale – we usually start with building out a comprehensive roadmap for the future. This will include incorporating international SEO best practices to work through the more complex technical challenges of launching in a new market, such as whether new content should sit on separate ccTLD, in subfolders or on subdomains.

We’ll also conduct local user research, assess search competitors, work with native speakers to create localised content as well as adapting the messaging, and develop campaigns to earn links from good quality, relevant websites in your target countries.