SEO audit services:

Content Analysis

The foundation to building an effective content strategy

✓ Improve existing rankings and rank for more terms
✓ Content created for humans, not just search engines
✓ No keyword stuffing, over-optimisation or duplicate content

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Discover whether you’re creating content that humans and search engines love

The simplest and most useful rule to know if you can position yourself for a given query is to always ask yourself: do you deserve to rank? That is to say: do you think you deserve to rank for terms over the websites that are already there? This may sound obvious, but you can’t imagine how many people expect to rank by just setting up a page and “doing some SEO” when they have a weaker collection of products or information than their search competitors. It is very important to realise that a search engine’s job is to organise the web and provide the user with the best possible answer, and if your website does not meet their needs, they will recommend somewhere else.

Understand exactly where your strengths and pain points are

We build an understanding of the current state of content by completing a thorough analysis of your website, digging into Google Analytics, Google Search Console and your rankings to learn what ranks well, identifying weaker pages that could rank better or that don’t rank at all. Based on this analysis we’ll craft a content strategy with new, scalable content ideas to implement, make tweaks to improve existing pages, remove and redirect anything unnecessary, and map out topics that overlap to consolidate.