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Analytics and Measurement

Improve product, marketing, and strategy decisions in no time

✓ Get independent, expert advice to make informed decisions
✓ Understand what is and what isn’t working
✓ Avoid repeating mistakes and wasting resources

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Get real, data-led analysis on what is loved by humans and search engines

Without the right data – and the ability to understand it – you don’t see the whole picture or know what is and what isn’t working. Using an analytics platform properly, like Google Analytics, enables you to measure 100% of your online marketing activities, and use this data to continuously develop your strategy and allocate resources wisely.

Tracking is essential

Firstly, we’ll look at whether your data is accurate and if you are tracking everything that matters. If you are not measuring things correctly, it is harder to focus on improving them and answer those important business questions.

Measure the results of your marketing strategy

Whether it’s just help with basic Google Analytics set up, auditing your account, delivering on-site training, ad-hoc support, or even acting as an extension of your team, we can help enhance your marketing strategy with data-driven insights so you can make better, profit-generating, marketing decisions.

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