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Trivia: True or false: More content = more Google crawls? Answer (with kale analogy)

Our Top Picks

Google tests SGE AI overviews in the wild (subset of US users) – Barry Schwartz covers how Google is expanding the visibility of AI-generated answers, previously seen only by Google’s search labs experiment participants, on Search Engine Roundtable.

Google begs SEOs to stop showing Google things; show visitors things instead – Barry Schwartz covers Google’s Search Liaison responses on X to the SEO community. Emphasising that building websites should prioritize the needs of real users over tactics designed to “trick” Google, on Search Engine Roundtable.

Google: About us and contact pages not important? – On Search Engine Journal, Roger Montti covers the discussion between the SEO community and Google’s John Mueller. Coincidentally, SEJ also recently published an inspiring list of “About Us” pages by Alexander Kesler.

10 SEO A/B tests with over 10% traffic gains + a bonus 50% winner – Fed up of hearing “It depends”? Craig Bradford of SearchPilot shares a list of successful SEO experiments to inspire your own testing efforts.

The helpful content system has changed – Google’s Helpful Content System (HCS) is no longer a standalone system. Marie Haynes analyses Google’s wording to explain the shift and its impact on your SEO.

Good Chats

@MalteLandwehr: Shares how to prepare for the future of search (SGE).

@homemadehooplah: Discussion on X about the helpful content update, featuring great questions, feedback, and suggestions from smaller creators.

@lilyraynyc: Thoughts on websites that saw big drops recently.

@YouTubeLiaison: Tweet about when to post videos.

@olgazarr: Technical SEO tips about investigating technical issues.

@liam_fallen: Asks whether SEO is becoming too complex for the average person to understand.

@azarchick: Over 100 GIFs to illustrate what technical SEO is.

@Jamie Indigo: Sparks a fun discussion about technical SEO.

The playlist

Last Wednesday, Ahrefs dropped six fascinating interviews with incredible guests (Peep Laja, David Fallarme, Dom Wells, Rand Fishkin, Adam Singer, and Laura Roeder). We didn’t have time to listen to them on the day, but now we have and can recommend them all. Tim Soulo’s interviewing is excellent.

Why entity SEO matters so much! Crystal Carter, Mordy Oberstein, and Indeed’s Gus Pelogia on the SERP’s Up podcast by Wix. In addition to learning about entities, you’ll discover that Crystal loves bands that share their name with places.

Understand your audience with Rand Fishkin on the Ahead Of The Game podcast. This is another fantastic interview with Rand by Will Francis.

Why SEOs need to know marketing on the SEO Rant Podcast. Mets fan, Ray Martinez, talks with Mordy Oberstein.

Digital products and SEO for Etsy success with former Amazon employee Julie Berninger, interviewed by Crystal Waddell on The Simple and Smart SEO Show. Such an inspiring episode, discussing competitors and copycats to developing digital products.

How to assess SGE traffic risk for your site by Aleyda Solis on Crawling Mondays. Fascinating!

CPO/Ex-CMO of Tony’s Chocolonely: a lesson in profitable, ethical marketing. Listen to this, and we guarantee you’ll be inspired by their story, campaigns, and mission. You’ll also crave a bar of salted caramel chocolate, which we learned was developed by somebody (now an employee) during their internship. We love the Marketing Meetup Podcast, but this episode is truly special.

To Do List

“All-Out” SEO Strategy: Growing a Site From 0 to 1M with Gaetano DiNardi and Chima Mmeje on Moz.

‣ Virtual, Wednesday 3rd April at 5 pm (GMT)

iPull Rank Webinar: ‘How to Optimise for SGE’ Hosted by Mike King and Garrett Sussman to explore practical strategies for adapting to Google’s SGE.

‣ Online, Wednesday 17th April at 4pm (GMT)

SEO Vibes Barcelona. Hosted by Whitepress and just one of the amazing events they’re hosting around Europe this summer.

‣ Room Mate Gerard Hotel, Barcelona on Thursday 4th April

Search Central Live 2024. An incredible event run by Google a few times a year, this year in Poland, will feature talks from the likes of John Mueller and Martin Split from Google to name just a few! Tickets are also free to attend.

‣ Exact location unconfirmed, Warsaw Poland on Wednesday 24th April.

Pulse E-Commerce Summit – get all the insights from the top brands including Nespresso, Adanola and Decathlon at this one day event in London. 

‣ The Brewery in London on Wednesday May 1st 2024

WTSFest Berlin. Featuring 10 talks by incredible speakers from across the SEO community. Limited tickets available!

‣ 030 Eventloft in Berlin on Friday 7th June

London SEO XL 2024 – hosted by the fabulous people at Blue Array, their conference is back for another year. The lineup looks great so far, so definitely one to consider!

‣ Thursday 13th June, all day, Shoreditch Town Hall (London)

We’re all buzzing for Easter here at team GS, a 4 day weekend and a tonne of chocolate – what’s not to love!🍫🐰🐣

I’m sure you’ve all got your Easter content written and scheduled all ready for the long weekend, but how do you do Easter well if you’re not selling chocolate or cute fluffy animals?

Here’s a run down of the coolest Easter themed campaigns from some really cool brands taking on a different angle from the traditional!

  1. Ikea – Flat Pack Chocolate Bunny – such a clever play on the Ikea stereotype with flat pack furniture by selling ‘build your own’ flat pack chocolate bunnies for Easter.
  2. Carlsberg – ‘If Carlsberg did chocolate bars‘ – in 2016, beer brand Carlsberg took the chocolate bar to another level by opening a chocolate themed bar in the middle of Shoreditch. They even served beer in pint glasses made of milk chocolate. Quite literally the epitome of Willy Wonka takes on the pub!
  3. Walkers – Savoury Egg – Walkers took a stand against the cliches of chocolate eggs and released a savoury alternative, including crisps, a bottle of wine and an Amazon Prime movie voucher. Such a great point of difference for those without a sweet tooth.
  4. Deliveroo – Game of Thrones Dragon Egg – to celebrate the release of the final series of GoT, Deliveroo recreated and sold chocolate eggs resembling the dragon eggs shown in the actual show on their app.

Happy Easter!🌼🐣