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Trivia: Does “no-index” in robots.txt prevent Google from indexing your pages? Answer

SO. MANY. CHANGES. Do you know how challenging it is to keep up with all the changes in SEO and web search? Of course not – you have The Signal! These beauties below from the very best in the game will keep you informed, topping up your glass of wisdom to the very rim for another week.

Our Top Picks

Google has a new head of Search — and she’s all in on AI – This thought-provoking article on The Verge by David Pierce explores the future of search and how Google, under its new leader Liz Reid, will reshape the way we find information with cutting-edge AI.

How we’re helping creators disclose altered or synthetic content – The YouTube Team announces a new feature in Creator Studio to easily disclose content made with altered or synthetic media, including AI.

7 reasons to be skeptical of 25% search drop by 2026 – Roger Montti on Search Engine Journal debunks Gartner’s prediction of a massive drop in search market share due to AI chatbots, outlining 7 reasons why this scenario is unrealistic and flawed.

A ChatGPT for Music Is Here. Inside Suno, the Startup Changing Everything – Brian Hiatt’s Rolling Stone Magazine article reveals an AI that generates complete songs, including vocals, from simple text descriptions. Check out this example!

Canonicalising From WWW to non-WWW won’t impact your search rankings – Barry Schwartz reports on Search Engine Roundtable that Google’s John Mueller confirms switching your website’s canonical URL from “www” to “non-www” (or vice versa) won’t negatively impact your search visibility, rankings, or indexing.

Google will collect feedback after the March Core & Spam Updates are done – If you’re worried about the impact the latest updates have had on your traffic, Google Search Liason Danny Sulivan advises patience, and that Google will open a feedback form once completed. Reported by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable.

Official: Google replaces perspective filter with forums filter – Barry Schwartz reports on the change, with lots of interesting perspectives, ahem we mean forums, from the SEO community.

Apple Is in Talks to Let Google Gemini Power iPhone AI Features – Mark Gurman reports on Bloomberg about the potential partnership.

The Guest Lists

We asked SEO legends Rejoice Ojiaku and Andi Jarvis about what they can’t live without:

Rejoice Ojiaku

Go-to blog: This post from Backlinko.

THE podcast: This is biased but I go back to the podcast episode I did with SEO Mindset because it’s a topic that is close to me and a great reminder. In general the SEO Mindset Podcast is a great place if you want to boost your confidence, hear great insight and learn so much more.

Events I can’t miss: BrightonSEO…it’s my fave to go to. I learn so much and a great way to connect with others too.

Fav Book: Not currently reading a book but the one I do go back to is Blue Array Mastering In-House SEO.

Andi Jarvis

Go-to blog posts: A blog? What’s a blog? Is that like what old people used before TikTok? Anyway, Eugene Wei was one of the people involved in the development of Amazon Prime many, many moons ago. This post, Invisible Asymptotes, is a long read but a great behind the scenes look about why and how Prime happened. It’s fascinating and I re read it about twice a year.

Podcast episode Is it too much of an ego trip to mention one of my own podcasts?! I’ve interviewed about 60 people on the Strategy Sessions so far and this episode with Sherice Anibaba is one I go back to frequently. Her words about how you stay close to the customer resonate with my soul!

Event I can’t miss: BrightonSEO. Weirdly at almost every other conference I attend, I much prefer single track. The issue of FOMO, too many low quality speakers and having to think too much makes multi track a nightmare for me. But Brighton pull it off elegantly. High quality content, well organised themes and superb environment.

THE book: Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull. It dives into how Pixar created hit after hit and explores how their creative process works. We don’t make movies, we’re in marketing, but there are a lot of great lessons in the book for creative people and companies.

Rejoice and Andi have joined us for SEO Office Hours. You can watch them here.

Good Chats

@arpitadey15: Reddit Q&A on removing spammy backlinks. Google’s John Mueller advises focusing on making your site awesome instead of chasing bad links.

@LidiaInfanteM: Asking fellow SEOs on X about using relative vs. absolute URLs in breadcrumb schema.

@olgazarr: Shares what to do and what not to do during a core algorithm update.

@googlesearchc: Announcing that SafeSearch is now in Google Search Console.

@IsraelGaudette: Q&A tweet with Google’s John Mueller about whether publishing content in bulk is seen as spam.

The playlist

One report, endless ideas: crafting a quarter’s content with smart repurposing by Michele Linn on Moz.

Things you never knew about the Local Pack with Mordy Oberstein, Crystal Carter, and Krystal Taing.

Meet the YouTube genius building a £90,000,000 empire with Damien Jordan, interviewed by Callum McDonnell.

How to start using AI content in your marketing with Chima Mmeje & Luke Gosha on The Internet Marketing Podcast.

What is a web crawler, really? on Google Search Central.

To Do List

Authority by Design: Shaping a Powerful Brand with the LEMA Framework with Lily Ugbaja and Chima Mmeje on Moz.

‣ Virtual, today at 5 pm (GMT)

SEO Office Hours with Sandra Schneck, Stacey MacNaught, Jo Juliana Turnbull, and Michael Chidzey

‣ Virtual at 9:30 am (GMT) on Friday 22nd March

Friends Of Search. Wowzer. This event has a superstar line-up of speakers from across the industry and is in Amsterdam.

‣ The Kromhoutha, Amsterdam on Thursday 21st March

SEO Vibes Barcelona. Hosted by Whitepress and just one of the amazing events they’re hosting around Europe this summer.

‣ Room Mate Gerard Hotel, Barcelona on Thursday 4th April

Search Central Live 2024. Google’s annual event, this year in Romania, will feature talks from the likes of John Mueller and Martin Split from Google to name just a few!

‣ Exact location is unconfirmed. Bucharest Romania on Thursday 4th April

Pulse E-Commerce Summit – get all the insights from the top brands including Nespresso, Adanola and Decathlon at this one day event in London. 

‣ The Brewery in London on Wednesday May 1st 2024

WTSFest Berlin. Featuring 10 talks by incredible speakers from across the SEO community. Limited tickets available!

‣ 030 Eventloft in Berlin on Friday 7th June

St Patrick

What do Guinness, a Leprechaun and a Pot of Gold all have in common…. St Paddy’s Day of course!💚☘️🧚

ICYMI, St Patrick’s Day was on Sunday! And naturally, it’s a huge deal in Ireland. But where is St Patrick’s Day biggest according to Google? (Spoiler: It’s not Ireland!)

5. Montreal, Canada – 6,600 – home to one of the biggest St Patrick’s Day parades!

4. Dublin, Ireland – 18,100 – The home of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations!

3. Chicago, Illinois – 22,200 – The people of Chicago love St Paddy’s so much that they dye the river green for the occasion!

2. London, England – 49,500 – Just a stone’s throw from Ireland, us Londoners throw a full day of celebrations in the capital in aid of St Paddy’s

1. New York, New York – 110,000 – One of the biggest parades to celebrate the occasion, which is in it’s 263rd year of running this year!

Since 2004, St Patrick’s Day has been the most searched Saint’s day in the UK.

Fun searches also included:

The search term ‘Irish Pub’ grew in popularity by 72% over the last week in the UK.

Some of the top Green items searched in the UK included:

  1. Top
  2. Dress
  3. Crop Top
  4. Bodysuit
  5. Trousers

(Data from Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner)