CRO services:

Technical audit

Fixing bugs is the easiest way to have an instant impact

✓ Fix those bugs holding your website back
✓ Get the data you need to make informed decisions
✓ Provide a better, faster user experience

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What’s missing? Where are the problems?

most companies don’t walk in the footsteps of their users and just assume their developers must have got it right. Often, they’re wrong. It’s rarely down to the browser but a bug or user experience issue. Identifying and fixing bugs is the easiest way to impact conversions instantly.

Long waiting times can also cost businesses serious money, especially at specific points of the journey where users’ motivation levels are relatively low. We identify whether slow speeds are an issue and the causes. It’s usually uncompressed images, multiple javascript/CSS files that can be combined, or the CMS configurations haven’t been optimised. When it comes to page speed and CRO, we’re interested in the actual user experience, not just scores.

Lastly, if we aren’t measuring, we can’t improve. So, it’s essential to ensure we have all of the data we need and that it is accurate and trusted. Our rule of thumb is that we should be measuring everything we can.