How To Use AI To Create Engaging Videos

○ Published on 28th September 2023

○ Author: Alejandro Rodríguez Puerta

○ Designer: Dan Mynard

We write for people trying to improve their digital marketing. While we explain how to create videos in terms of YouTube, this works just as well for short-form videos (Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts). If this sounds like something you could be interested in trying, this post should help you explore why and what to do.

Thought creating engaging YouTube videos was all sweat and stress? Think again! You’re about to venture into the innovative world of AI, where generating captivating content isn’t just simple; it’s thrilling.

From brainstorming hot topics to crafting a killer video script, let’s explore how AI tools can turn you into a YouTube sensation while saving you time and effort.

Ready for the revolution? Let’s dive in!

Generating Topic Ideas

With the rapid advancements in technology, AI-powered topic-generation techniques have become a game-changer in content creation. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also about leveraging innovative means to maximise engagement.

Imagine having a machine that thinks like a creative genius, continuously generating unique video topics tailored specifically for your audience. You input basic information or keywords related to your intended content area, and voila! The AI tool produces an array of intriguing topic suggestions based on current trends, audience preferences, and popular searches.

But it doesn’t stop there. Enhancing storytelling through AI-scripted videos is another groundbreaking aspect of this revolution. The algorithm carefully crafts scripts considering viewer engagement patterns and top-performing video analytics data. This means every line of dialogue or narration in an AI video generator is designed with the potential to captivate viewers’ attention right from the opening scene till the end credits.

And guess what? You don’t need any prior scripting experience because these sophisticated algorithms do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. It’s as if you have an expert scriptwriter on your team who never runs out of creativity!

Integrating these cutting-edge technologies into your video creation process can elevate the number of high-quality videos and significantly boost the quality of your output. Now that we’ve covered how AI can help generate brilliant topics and scripts for highly engaging videos, let’s delve into how you can make those titles truly irresistible!

Creating Attractive Titles

Creating attractive titles is a crucial part of the video production process, as they’re vital in drawing viewers to your content. With AI-powered title generation, you can create high-quality videos even more efficiently.

By understanding your audience’s needs and questions, AI can craft compelling titles that address their curiosity directly.

Consider using an AI tool like Jasper or ChatGPT for generating title ideas. These platforms not only help in creating catchy titles but also ensure they are SEO-friendly and algorithm-optimised. This means you’re not just attracting users with engaging titles but also making sure YouTube’s algorithms favour your content.

AI doesn’t stop at enhancing video scripts; it’s also revolutionising how we optimise thumbnails and descriptions. With tools like Canva integrated with AI technology, you can design captivating thumbnails that align perfectly with AI video and your chosen title. It saves time and ensures consistency across all elements of your video presentation.

The description is equally important as it gives viewers a sneak peek into the content before clicking on it. AI tools provide optimised descriptions and tags that cater to YouTube’s algorithm requirements while maintaining relevance to the viewer.

Remember: The goal here isn’t just about getting views – it’s about building trust and providing value. So, always ensure that the title matches the actual content of your video.

Now that you’ve grasped how integral a well-crafted title is in attracting viewership, let’s explore crafting an engaging script for your videos using AI.

Scripting Your Video

Thanks to AI-powered content creation, scripting has become an intuitive process. You don’t need to focus on writing anymore but on using technology to revolutionise your YouTube videos with artificial intelligence.

Here’s how you can create an engaging script:

  • Introduction and setting the tone
  • Use AI to generate a hook that grabs viewers’ attention. For example, you can use the following prompt:

Write an engaging introduction for a YouTube video discussing [your topic]. Make sure the introduction includes a hook that compels users to keep watching. Use a happy and persuasive tone.

  • Keep it concise with AI’s succinct language capability.

Creating engaging and informative content

  • Allow AI to include all necessary points to address in your video.
  • Keep it engaging yet within optimal length, leveraging AI algorithms.

Call to action (CTA) and encouraging engagement

  • Utilise AI suggestions for effective CTAs customised for your audience.

Enhancing video production with AI doesn’t mean losing your personal touch. You can tweak these AI video suggestions per your style and tone.

The final part of scripting involves editing, revising, and seeking feedback. While the first two steps are easy with real-time grammar checks and language enhancements offered by most AI tools, getting feedback is where human intervention plays a crucial role. Have someone review this automated script before you finalise it.
With intelligent tips, tricks, and optimisation techniques, creating scripts for YouTube videos becomes a breeze when combined with innovative platforms like Vmaker for video creation, recording, and editing.

Video Creation Process

You’re now ready to dive into the video creation process, where you’ll see your scripted words come to life. This innovative journey will be powered by cutting-edge AI-powered video editing software and techniques revolutionising content production.

Thanks to AI technology, there’s no need to spend hours searching the internet for the perfect footage or images. Different tools sift through countless options and present you with various suitable visuals based on your script’s context and mood.

If you use a tool like Fliki AI, you can request the system to choose the best stock videos for you based on your keywords, topic and what you want to transmit with your creation. Inside this tool, the process is as easy as pressing a button and letting its AI choose the best stock video for you.

However, the results might not be perfect, so you can always choose the best alternative from its vast stock video library. And if you still need more than that, you could always go to a different site like Canva or GridBank (a newly created stock video site focusing only on first-person content) to find the best videos for you.

If you want to skip the script creation process altogether, that’s possible, too! AI video generators like Fliki allow you to input a single prompt or a link to a blog post and will create high-quality videos after processing them.

You can learn more about this amazing tool here:

Adding Voiceover

It’s time to add some spice to your content by incorporating a voiceover into your video. You’re no longer bound by the limitations of recording your own voice or hiring someone else to do it for you; the future is here with Fliki AI, an innovative tool that allows you to create engaging, AI-generated videos on YouTube without uttering a single word.

To start adding a voiceover, all you have to do is head over to Fliki AI and sign up for free. Once in, select ‘New File’ and choose ‘Video’. Here’s where the magic happens: Fliki AI offers a wide array of voices featuring different languages, dialects and genders, ensuring you can personalise your content to the smallest detail.

After selecting your preferred voice, perhaps one that best mirrors your brand identity or suits the tone of your video, it’s time to input the script. Use Chat GPT or any other text-generating software if needed – remember, we’re in an era of innovation! Paste this directly into Fliki AI, which automatically aligns visuals from AI video generators’ stock library based on your text.

Don’t worry about minor issues like awkward pauses or mispronunciations; Fliki has got you covered with options allowing you to fine-tune these aspects, ensuring seamless transitions and precise articulation, further improving engagement.

Thumbnail and Description Creation

Thumbnail and description creation is an essential part of your YouTube strategy. They’re the first things viewers see when they stumble upon your video., so you need to make them engaging and eye-catching. AI tools like Midjourney or DALL-E 2 can generate unique, artistic designs based on your video title prompts.

After generating the design, you’ll need to adjust its dimensions to fit YouTube’s desired aspect ratio (16:9). Adding text might require manual editing. Still, with tools such as Photoshop or Canva at your disposal, this step is a breeze.

When it comes to optimising descriptions for improving video reach, every word counts. Your keywords should be well-placed and relevant to the content of your video. The description should give viewers a quick overview of what they will gain from watching and make them eager for more.

Again, you could use ChatGPT or any other AI tool to create a description using the following prompt:

Write a YouTube description for a video talking about [your topic]. Make sure to include the following keywords: [your keywords]. Keep the description short and engaging.

Further enhancing your reach requires understanding YouTube’s algorithm better than anyone else. How? By staying updated on their monetisation policies and guidelines while doing professional videos and seeking opportunities for brand collaborations and sponsored content.

Lastly, don’t forget that success on YouTube isn’t just about views—it’s also about engagement. Encourage discussions in the comments section of quality videos; respond promptly and genuinely to show you value viewer interaction.

As you venture into using AI to create engaging videos, remember that innovation, relevance, and high-quality video content still reign supreme.

Now that we’ve covered thumbnail and description creation let’s dive into our final segment: wrapping up the video effectively without missing any details.

Wrapping up the video

Wrapping up your video effectively is just as crucial as starting it off strong. You’ve used AI for video editing, you’ve created a compelling narrative with AI-generated content on YouTube, and now, the finale awaits. Remember, you’re not just ending a video; you’re paving the path for your audience’s next action.

Endings always leave an impression, and using AI tools for video creation can help craft that perfect conclusion: A call to action (CTA). The CTA is where you guide your viewers towards their next journey, whether that’s subscribing to your channel or visiting your website. With AI, creating an engaging video CTA becomes easier than ever.

Firstly, use Gravity Write’s script generation to draft a persuasive closing statement that aligns with your goals. Then, use to create stunning visual effects that enhance this message. These visuals will make a lasting impact on viewers and increase the likelihood of them following through on your CTA.

Next, revisit Canva to design end screens, which are clickable thumbnails at the end of YouTube videos, leading viewers to other content or actions like subscribing or visiting websites. Leverage its intuitive interface and vast template library to create enticing end screens that match seamlessly with the rest of your video.

Lastly, don’t forget annotations – text overlays guiding users towards specific actions. Even though they’re no longer available on YouTube due to mobile incompatibility, they still work perfectly on desktop versions, providing another opportunity for user engagement.

So there you have it! With these innovative AI tools, wrapping up videos effectively has never been simpler! Let these technologies amplify creativity while saving time and effort in crafting compelling calls to action.

If you want to know what’s truly possible thanks to this process, you can take a look at a real-life example here:

Final thoughts

In the heart of content creation, AI is your secret weapon. It’s like having a creative assistant who never tires, working tirelessly to create and craft engaging videos.

Dive into this digital treasure trove and watch as it turns your ideas into captivating YouTube content.

Remember, with AI by your side, creating video content isn’t just more accessible; it’s an exciting journey where every click brings you closer to that perfect video masterpiece.